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Friday, April 19

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Satisfying Upcale Tastes

Published by Convenience Store Decisions
Lakewood, Colo.-based Russell’s Convenience Stores, which has 20 locations in Denver, Detroit, Honolulu, Los Angeles and San Francisco, gets its sandwiches delivered daily by an outside supplier because, being situated in office buildings, the stores don’t have the space or lease agreements to make them in-house. One of the main reasons Russell’s chose this supplier is because it consistently provides sandwiches on the cutting edge of ingredients and flavor profiles, said the chain’s Marketing Manager Vicki Jackson.

“We’ve been offering upscale sandwiches such as brie, apple and turkey and turkey with cheddar and jalapeño for years and the chicken Caesar salad wrap has been a customer favorite for a long time,” Jackson said.In addition to innovation, the supplier also provides the highest quality meats and cheeses and even bakes its own breads, according to Jackson. Depending on the size of the store, each one carries between 12-20 sandwich varieties at any time. LTOs are introduced once per quarter and are available for a period of two weeks.

Overall, packaged sandwich sales at Russell’s have been growing year over year. Just in the past year, they have grown by 17%, Jackson said.
In 2013, Sendik’s Food Markets, an 11-store grocery chain in the Greater Milwaukee area, launched a new 7,000-square-foot convenience store format and a new brand of Sendik’s Fresh2GO-branded foods, including in-house, deli-made sandwiches.

“We have worked really hard to be a trendsetter in the market,” said Nicholas Bandoch, the company’s communications director. “Our Millennial customers are experimental when it comes to food and we’re always looking for new flavors to excite and delight them.”
Among the most popular of Sendik’s Fresh2GO sandwiches is the “Gobbler,” a combination of turkey and bacon with cranberry mustard on Italian bread. Others include the “Kicked Up Roast Beef” with provolone cheese, horseradish and mayonnaise on Italian bread and the “Silver Spring,” which offers ribbons of vegetables topped with hummus on whole grain bread.

Fresh2GO offers six signature sandwiches. All come in full sizes and three are also available by the half to pair with soup or salad. Four additional sub sandwiches round out the menu. Customers can also get a meal deal that includes a yogurt parfait or a cup of cut fresh fruit or vegetables.
A second Sendik’s Fresh2GO c-store is scheduled to open in the summer of 2016. The company is also “actively searching for additional locations to build the brand,” Bandoch said.


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