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Wednesday, September 30

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HJB Convenience Corporation purchased the Denver and Hawaii Russell''s Convenience stores in August 2004. The first Russell''s Convenience store opened in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1978. A typical store is 1,200 square feet and is located in the lobby of a large office building. The stores carry a selection of snacks, fresh sandwiches and salads, candy, tobacco products, reading materials, health and beauty aids, as well as greeting cards and gifts. 

Stores operate under license from HJB Convenience Corporation in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Russell''s Convenience has operated in the central business district since 1978, the latest added in 2013. The locations attract customers among the office workers in the surrounding areas.


HJB Convenience Corporation supports:
* Ralston House
* Slippers-N-Sliders Ski Club

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